Valuation Drivers-Health Care Staffing

As we enter the second half of 2016, the Health Care Staffing market continues to show excellent growth and interest from buyers interested in adding to their existing portfolio or entering the market.
What are the buyers evaluating when looking at Health Care Staffing firms ?
*Owners role- What will company look like after a transition? Willing to transition or stay for longer period with the new company? Relationships with clients and plan to transition?
*Experienced and tenured in-office management team with defined roles?
*Financials-reviewed/audited by CPA firm?
*Concentrations in clients-any clients that represent more that 25% of overall revenue?
*Contracts-organized and reviewed for language on transfer to new owner ?
*CRM/Payroll systems utilized? compatible with the buyers systems?
*Recruiting Database-current? able to provide up to date numbers to buyer?
*Potential Liabilities-Workers Comp/Professional Liability Claims information available/Pending Lawsuits?
*Budget Forecast for next 1-2 years, attainable/investments needed? Current growth rates sustainable?
The above are all the factors that go into the Buyers valuation process. We recommend all Sellers do an internal review process, identify areas that are your strengths and develop a plan to address areas that need improvement. We will assist you in  that review.
Please let me know if you would like to discuss your company plans for an exit and the current marketplace and valuation trends.
 WMA  Health Care Partners is a boutique Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions firm with a focus on the Health Care Staffing marketplace.
Ed Manthey (678)333-4059
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