Selling a Business

An efficient and well-defined process to sell your healthcare, home health, or home care business

Buying a Healthcare Business

WMA Healthcare Partners knows that our clients value an expedited sale process free from business disruptions. Our sales process is specifically tailored to small and mid sized healthcare companies.  This process includes the development of a strategic plan for marketing the company, efficiently managing the marketing plan, effectively negotiating the business terms of the agreements, managing the due diligence process via our data room services, and finally, the execution of the closing documents.

Focusing exclusively on the sale of healthcare, home health, and home care businesses allows us to tailor our process to your specific needs and ensure that you work with an expert team who has proven the ability to execute within your industry.

Our Process

Selling a business the WMA Healthcare Partners Way!

Legal solutions

We provide access to a boutique business law firm that provides superior M&A advice to healthcare, home health and home care businesses at reasonable rates for small companies. While the law firm represents you, the attorney’s familiarity with WMA Healthcare Partners’ efficient and expedited healthcare focused M&A process results in fewer hours, and thus lower rates for you.